Ivan Iacobbe and Ylenia Dalla Bona turned Professional
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Ivan Iacobbe and Ylenia Dalla Bona turned Professional

Posted on sabato, 16 ott 2021, 18:05 by admin
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After 10 long years of career together, born from the infinite passion for dance, Ivan Iacobbe and Ylenia Dalla Bona win the Rising Star Pro Ballroom at the Blackpool Dance Festival. It was their professional debut, representing Italy, immediately winning a title that many dance legends have achieved during the course of the history of the Blackpool Dance Festival!

One of the biggest reasons why they managed to do so in a year and a half of stand-by of the dance world to make a "switch" that gave them an extra light on the dance floor at the Winter Gardens was that during the Italian quarantine they spent the lockdown inside their studio with an inflatable bed and food pantries they had prepared for the quarantine release!

They didn't really know how long they would have to spend closed there without going out, but from day one there was only one purpose in their head: "Prepare for the next Blackpool!" And so they spent their days between technical studies, online lessons, video calls with their mentor, athletic and mental preparation and training of all kinds!

This is how unexpected results can be achieved out of nothing by a couple who, before COVID spread, had reached the top 48 at the UK Open Championship in the Amateur Ballroom!

Now they are ready with new goals, first of all with the will to bring themselves to their best version! They are infinitely grateful to every person who has helped and supported them over the years and also to all those who did not believe in them because only in this way they were able to believe more in themselves and that everything could be possible!