The Dance and Listen Awards
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The Dance and Listen Awards

The Dance and Listen Awards

Inghilterra - Watford

domenica 12 maggio 2002

Dance & Listen Awards is a regular dancesport event.

The Colosseum
Watford, W17 3EX
Rickmansworth Road

Organised by:
Philip Wylie & Pam Peters
Ickenham Village, Mi, UB18 8JQ
73 Field Close
off Hoylake Crescent

Amateur Modern Award Amatore Standard 12 mag 2002
Junior Modern Award Junior Standard 12 mag 2002
Juvenile Modern Award Juvenile Standard 12 mag 2002
Professional Modern Award Professionista Standard 12 mag 2002
Senior Modern Award Senior Standard 12 mag 2002
Amateur Latin Award Amatore Latino 12 mag 2002
Junior Latin Award Junior Latino 12 mag 2002
Juvenille Latin Award Juvenile Latino 12 mag 2002