Makeup essentials for ballroom dancing
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Makeup essentials for ballroom dancing

Posted on mercoledì, 12 dic 2012, 00:54 by admin
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So before we get started with 'serious' makeup business, I'll present you a list of products you need to achieve the professional makeup on the floor.

Skin - Take care of your skin, because no makeup can look good on a bad skin. Take your makeup off everyday, treat your skin with products suitable for your skin type and moisturize your skin a lot. All that sweat and heavy makeup can dry out your skin and the dehydration wrinkles appear. Also, heavy make-up and a lot of sweat can produce blemishes and acne, so try out products for sensitive skin to sooth your skin.

1 - Makeup primer - Primers are just a few years on the market, but I can't imagine doing makeup without them any more. Why? Because they moisturize, tighten the pores,control the sebum, smooth the skin, and as a result of all that - your makeup last so much longer. There are two kinds of primers you need - for the foundation and for the eyeshadow...

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